Eidos Partners provides independent financial advisory services to companies, entrepreneurs, financial institutions, pension funds, public institutions, institutional investors, including private equity funds, hedge funds and family offices. As an independent company, Eidos Partners is best placed to offer objective and impartial advice. Our aim is to exceed our clients’ expectations and provide them with all the support necessary to develop strategies for growth and to manage change.


Eidos Partners is an independent company owned entirely by its partners. Unlike the majority of its competitors, Eidos Partners is not part of a broader banking nor financial group and hence is able to operate without the burden of managing the significant conflicts of interest present in such organisations.

Integrated Approach

Eidos Partners’ objective is to execute transactions for its clients using an integrated and multifunctional approach. The team is able to manage all aspects of complex financial transaction from structuring derivatives to advising on initial public offerings and from mergers to providing innovative financing solutions. Eidos Partners assists its clients in identifying the best solution based on an in depth knowledge of financial markets and significant experience in executing transactions.

Quality and experience

The team at Eidos Partners is comprised of professionals with extensive experience and a multidisciplinary track record of excellence acquired at leading international investment banks and financial institutions. The organizational structure of the team allows Eidos Partners’ senior professionals to be actively involved in all phases of the transaction whilst keeping a clear focus on clients’ needs.